SUV HD50K-Lava

The SUV HD50K-Lava module based on Getop’s Lava Pro design provides a remarkable performance full HD wireless solution for advanced and professional UAV drones. With the cutting edge communication Base Band technology powered by Lava Pro, the HD50K-Lava system provides robust uncapped ultra-long range FHD video wireless transmission in the easy integrated PCB modules.




• Dual camera inputs -- Dual video processors, i.e. one SDI and one HDMI input

• Integrating Transmitter & Receiver functions in one module –1080P@30fps & 720P@60fps

• Automatic carrier frequency, bandwidth & bit rate selections for both downlink and uplink -- Wide carrier frequency range and full duplex communication

• Great signal quality and bit rate – MIMO antenna ports for both transmitter and receiver

• Co-exists with Wifi/3G/4G/Blutooth signals – Resilient signal processing algorithm eliminates in-band or neighboring bands’  Interference  

• Greatly improves signal integrity in dense city environment or in the valley – In-house developed echo estimation and balancing algorithm  

• Multiple interfaces for control panel, joysticks, GPS, various sensors and flight control. Multiple interfaces for control panel, joysticks, GPS, various sensors. Perform well in high speed (500 km/h ~ 1000 km/h)

Line-of-Sight distance 20 ~ 70 Kms



• UAV for aerial photography and FPV

• Wireless surveillance and security

• Mobile live board-cast

• Industrial and commercial inspection

• Search and rescue

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HD50K-Lava with enclosure.jpg


Package Contents


  • One (1) short range transmitter with dual attachable antennas,

  • one (1)  external antenna receiver with (5)  five attachable antennas,

  • one (1) AC power adapter with DTap female receptacle,

  • two(2) Lemo4pin-DTap male coiled power cord,

  • one(1) articulating arm,

  • one(1) crab arm

  • tw(2) hot-shoe adapters

  • two(2) screw drivers packaged in a ruggedized carrying case, custom-designed for the SUVHD120E

Net weight – 1.32 Kgs, 2.9 lbs

Total weight: 2.86 Kgs, 6.3 lbs

Dimensions (W x L x H) – 385 mm x 280 mm x 115 mm

                                    15 5/32” x 11 1/31” x 4 17/32”

SUV HD120 Transmitter HD120-Tx


  • Dual format video input – 3G-SDI over HDMI 1.3 signal


  • Render in professional 10-bit, 4:2:2 video and 2-channel 48 KHz PCM audio before modulation


  • High resolution – 1920 x 1080 x 60p


  • No compression, zero latency


  • Modulated by state-of-the-art OFDM/16-QAM to air


  • Equipped with dual MIMO 5 dbi gain external antennas, paired with 5 internal receiving antennas – yield up to 900 feet (300 meters) line-of-sight


  • Operates in 5.x GHz license-free band with up to 10 selectable channels


  • Multi-cast capable – pair up to 4 receivers with a single transmitter


  • Built-in power and video status LED’s


  • Plug-n-Play safe – all inputs and outputs protected by +/- 8Kv, preventing ESD (electronic static discharge)


  • Operates in a Lemo-4-pin wide-range DC power input (+7 to +36 Volt) or pre-installed Sony NP-F970 compatible battery back


  • Lightweight, milled/anodized aluminum body with a ¼”-20 screw hole; easily attaches to handheld or shoulder-mount cameras

  • Up to 1280 feet( 400 meters )

SUV HD120E Receiver – HD120-RxE

  • Equips with five external receiving antenna pairing with dual 5 db gain external antenna transmitter receives Line-of-Sight up to 1280 feet( 400 meters ) in rang}

  • Operates in 5.x GHz license-free band with maximum 10 selectable channels must match with transmitter’s channel selection

  • Demodulates the received OFDM/16-QAM signal

  • Outputs professional 10-bit, 4:2:2 video and 2-channel 48 KHz PCM audio-highest resolution 1920x1080x60p, no compression, no latency

  • Both 3G-SDI and HDMI outputs are simultaneously active

  • Multi-cast capable -- Up to 4 receivers can be paired with the same transmitter

  • Built-in power/video status as well as RSSI LED’s

  • Plug-n-Play safe – all inputs and outputs protected by +/- 8Kv electronic static discharge

  • Operates in Lemo-4pin wide-range wall-mount DC power adapter between +7 to +36 Volt or pre-installed Sony NP-F970 compatible battery back

  • Light weight and milled/anodized aluminum body with a ¼”-20 screw hole suitable mounting with stand or other means

AP5G5149090-V & AP5G5149090-G Panel Antenna


The Shining SUV’s  AP5G5149090-V/-G antenna is a 5GHz MIMO panel antenna designed for use with SUV HD120-RxE receivers. This panel antenna boosts 40% range comparing with 5 Omni-directional antennas included; especially in challenging RF conditions, it offers resilient wireless reception

This panel antenna is composed of 5 patch antenna polarity arranged top three upward and bottom left pointing left 45 degrees and bottom right one pointing right 45 degrees.  It operates in the 5.1 to 5.9 GHz frequency range.



  • Boost wireless reception 40% range

  • Higher wireless signal reception sensitivity

  • 5.1-5.9 GHz frequency range

  • Included a V-mount or G-mount bracket and accessories

  • HD120-RxE receives power from battery’s D-Tap port


In the Box

1) One panel antenna pre-installed with a V-mount battery adapter (AP5G5149090-V ) or a G-mount battery adapter (AP5G5149090-G)


2) One Camera/Umbrella bracket with at least two 5/8” receivers


3) Five N-male right angle to RP-SMA male plug 12 inches RG58 cables


4) One universal 5/8” (16mm) stud with both 3/8”-16M and ¼”-20M threads


5) One 3/8” to ¼” screw adapter with reducer bushing