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 Q: What do "T" & "R" stand for? How many "R"’s can pair with one "T"?  How many "T" can co-exist at the same time?

A:  "T" -- transmitter or Tx, "R" -- receiver or "Rx", up to 4 "R" can pair  with one "T". As long as they all use the same communication channel,  no performance degradation will occur".  Maximum 10 sets of "T"+"R"'s are possible at the same time. 

Q:  What's the difference between HD120 and HD120E? Can I swap out HD120-Tx's and HD120-Rx(E)'s antennas?

A:  HD120E includes HD120-Rx(E) receiver with five external antennas. 

Q:  Are HD120-Tx and HD120-Rx/HD120-Rx(E) FCC/CE certified?

A:  Yes, they are.  

Q: Will the SUV HD120/HD120E work with 5.x GHz Wifi and other devices?  And do I need to apply for licenses to operate?

A:  Yes and No. 

Q:  What is modulation scheme used and bandwidth required?

A:  The system is MIMO and COFDM/16-QAM in 40 MHz bandwidth    

Q:  What does Line-of-Sight distance mean?

A:  A straight line along with "T" and "R".  Up to 260 meters( 860 feet )  for HD120 and up to 400 meters(1280 feet) for HD120E outdoor tested by the manufacturer.  Actual distance varies with  surrounding interferences, blocking objects

( landscape, size of metal object, wall and human bodies ) and environment humidity, which  attenuate signal strength in addition to path loss.    

 Q:  Can I use a notebook's HDMI port as the source to "T"?

A:  Yes.  The "T"'s HDMI input covers a wider range of resolution compared to SDI, which covers SDI, HD-SDI and FullHD only.  So you might see non-standard signal on HDMI monitor only.  Note:  Use DVI-HDMI and HDMI-DVI adapters between HDMI and DVI. 
 Q:  What is the maximum cable length to use in "T" and "R"? A:  100-meter(300 feet) for SDI, 15-meter(45 feet) for HDMI; however,  Active Optical Fiber HDMI or SDI cable can run the signal in a greater  length. 
 Q: Will audio be transmitted together with video without latency?

A:  Yes.  Both video and the first two embedded audio are transmitted, no  latency, both video and audio are AES 128-bit encrypted. 

Q:  After running the "T" a while, the "T" surface is hot  - is this normal?

A:  Yes it is normal. The unit's heat is dissipated via the metal enclosure. 
 Q: Where to contact techsupport?

A:  User can always contact Shining’s techsupport at (714)3128998 or or write to, and access, SUV page for additional information.   
 Q: No video showing on the monitor attached with the "R".

A: They are many possible causes:      

1). Check both T's and R's power lights status  make sure either the clicked in battery, or extended battery, or attached wall-mount adapter is in working condition.    

2). Make sure both "T"'s and "R"'s power are ON.    

3). Check both communication setting, they should be identical. Must re-cycle the power of the T or R if changed.    

4). If the "T" is attached with a computer's HDMI output, and it's resolution is not HD( 1920x1080 pixels ) format, the HD-SDI      output attached with the "R" would be turned off, but HDMI would still be on. 
 Q: "Link connecting" message showing on "R".

A:  "R" is up running but not "T", refer to "Transmitter Installation". 
 Q:  Video quality on the "R"'s monitor is noisy.

A:  Make sure the HDMI cable is 100% double shielded. Make sure the  SDI cable is 75-ohm also 100% shield. Bring in the "T" and "R" closer, and make sure RSSI is good.      

Change different communication channel for both "T" and "R".  Must re-boot both "T" & "R" to take in the new selection.