CitiDISK™ HD - FireWire
Compatible camera: Panasonic AJ-HPX3000G, HPX2000, HPX500, HVX200, HDX900 (DV100 & 50 & 25) Panasonic AJ-SPX800, SPC700, SPC905, SDC615( DV50 & DV25 ) and most of DV25 camera in the market.

Edit Instantly! Plug into CitiDISK™ HD.
Time is money. And since you can’t re-capture time, the CitiDISK™ HD is a highly effective tool, eliminating the time consuming process of re-capturing Panasonic DVCPRO HD®, DVCPRO50® and DV footage from HD camcorder tapes into non-linear editing (NLE) systems.

CitiDISK™ HD is powerful, lightweight, portable and, with its internal rechargeable battery, connects directly to camcorders and captures footage to its miniature high-capacity hard drive and to tape simultaneously – directly from the camera's FireWire port into Quicktime, AVI files of your choice. When done shooting, set your camcorder to VCR mode to “QPLAY” the last scenes on the viewfinder or simply plug it into your computer’s FireWire port and edit/play directly on the digitized video at anytime.

Optimized For Panasonic DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50 & DV Video Professionals

  • With its small form-factor, high-capacity and rugged design, CitiDISK? HD is ideally suited for broadcast and video professionals in the field. Typical applications include event video, corporate video, weddings, ceremonies and other similar events.

Camera-Controlled Recording With Or Without Tape

  • Records DV streams via camera's REC button with P2 card or tape inserted, or by CitiDISK™ HD's REC button without P2 card or tape.

Native Quicktime(MOV), AVI2 & Canopus AVI2 File Format Support

  • Current firmware release does not support P2-MXF.  User is able to upgrade the firmware once it is released.  However, by choosing Quicktime( MOV ), or AVI2 or  Canopus AVI2 saves the conversion time from "MXF to MOV", or "MXF to AVI2".

Quick Play Last Captured Scene and Play All Captured Scences

  • “QPLAY” last captured DV streams on viewfinder when setting camera to VCR mode. Navigating history clips is also possible by press and holding the QPLAY button for 3 seconds.  Note:  Current firmware release does not support DVCPro HD 1080i or 720p video playback to viewfinder, such function will be added back later on. However, DVCPro50 and DVCPro playback function is supported. 

Archive DV Tape Content

  • Archives taped DV streams by pressing CitiDISK™ HD's REC button with camera in VCR mode. Video clips are stored as file format supported in pre-formatted FAT32 hard drive folders.  Note:  Current firmware release supports MOV and AVI2, will add MXF support back once it is release. 

Multiple DVCPRO HDR, DVCPRO50R & DV Formats And Audio Sampling Rate Detection

  • CitiDISK™ HD automatically detects incoming MiniDV/DVCam/DVCPROR (DV or DV25), DVCPRO50R or DVCPRO HDR (DV100) stream formats and 2-ch-16bit-48Khz/2-ch-16bit-44.1Khz/4-ch-12bit-32khz audio sampling rates, and provides record/playback in either format.

Pre-Scene Loop Recording

  • DV stream is buffered in internal memory and instantly recorded to the unit's hard drive when the REC button is pressed or REC command is selected. This function helps avoiding the loss of important scenes.

Non-Stop Shooting Through Combination Of Batteries

  • CitiDISK™ HD embeds a 90-minute rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery that automatically kicks in when the 3-hour external battery runs low. This seamless battery power changeover ensures non-stop shooting capability no need to shut down the unit.

Plug 'n Play - Instant HDV/DV Editing

  • CitiDISK™ HD appears as an external FireWire hard drive on the PC's or Mac's desktop. Video clips are immediately editable/playable by most NLE software packages.

Compact, Lightweight And Shock Resistant

  • CitiDISK™ HD is compact, lightweight (only 10 ounces) and embeds a high-capacity laptop computer-grade hard drive (available in 80GB, 100GB or 120GB capacities) with inter shock absorption cushioning (all around) for maximum hard drive protection (150G non-operational tested).

Flexibility - Multiple Shooting Methods

  • CitiDISK™ HD includes a belt clip-configured pouch to shoot from the belt, with newly designed pouch pocket for multiple types of external battery packs.

  • Optional mounting pocket bracketed with V-Mount or Gold-Mount fits at rear end of broadcast camera - accompanies one D-Tap connector to CitiDISK™ HD converting power cable.

Quick Erase Button And Utility Programs

  • Convenient one touch "Quick Erase" button provides instant file folder clean up to re-claim hard disk space. Utility programs included (PC and Mac-compatible).

Package Contents:

  • Cable One 6pin-4pin IEEEE1394A (FireWire) cable included

  • Power One External DC +12V wall mount power adapter Optional external battery pack good for 3 hours

  • Pouch One belt-configured carrying pouch

  • Unit Dimension -- Width: 3" (77 mm); Height: 1" (25mm); Length: 5 and 5/8" (136 mm)

Weight -- 10 ounces (280 grams)

  • Documentation One quick usage guide, warranty card and programs, full manual in CD