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            • Welcome to Tangshan Environmental Protection Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd website!
            Service hotline:0315-3208330 / 3208331 /3208332

            Wind and water rise, pleasant and environmentally friendly

            Relying on excellent quality, unique technical advantages, and perfect management system, provide customers with high-quality products and services, and improve the quality of people's living environment.

            Innovation, Dedication, Integrity

            Reduce pollution emissions, protect the environment, reduce production costs and energy consumption of enterprises, create harmonious production and environmentally friendly enterprises

            Single-stage high-speed air suspension blower

            Blower equipment

            Blower products are one of our company's leading products with core competitiveness, and have obtained more than ten patented technologies. The high-pressure ratio impeller technology is at the leading level in the industry. The overall cooling technology of the water-cooled casing is a domestic initiative and has patented technology. It has been successfully applied in many fields. The leakage prevention technology of the shaft seal of the gas pressurized blower used to transport industrial dangerous gases has achieved a breakthrough in our company and obtained a patent. The Blower intelligent control system, single-stage high-speed air levitation Blower and magnetic levitation Blower have been applied in many domestic sewage treatment projects.

            The structure is diverse, mainly producing single-stage centrifugal Blowers, multi-stage centrifugal Blowers, and air suspension Blowers to meet different requirements
            It has a wide range of uses and produces multi-purpose Blower products that are used in multiple industries.
            Compared with the traditional centrifugal Blower, it has many characteristics, which can improve the performance of the Blower.
            The new Blower products produced by our company all use patented technology, with better use effect, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption.

            Water treatment equipments

            In addition to the general contracting of sewage treatment projects, our company's business scope also produces professional process machinery and equipment required in manufacturing projects. The company has the ability to produce 1,000 sets of environmental protection machinery and equipment annually, and provides a full set of professional technical equipment and technical services for various sewage treatment projects.

            General Contracting of Sewage Treatment Project

            Through more than 20 years of engineering practice, our company has developed into an important force in the domestic water pollution control industry.

            Sewage treatment equipment machinery manufacturing

            The company has the ability to produce 1,000 sets of environmental protection machinery and equipment annually, and provides a full set of professional technical equipment and technical services for various sewage treatment projects.

            More than 20 years of construction and manufacturing experience

            For more than 20 years, the company has undertaken nearly a hundred sewage treatment projects, involving municipal sewage, iron and steel metallurgy, mining and other industries.

            Leading position in the industry

            The company is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in water pollution control in China. Over the years, it has developed a number of corporate core technologies and patented intellectual property rights.

            Coal preparation equipment

            The intelligent full-hydraulic automatic rake-lifting thickener produced by our company is a brand-new product developed and designed on the basis of absorbing and drawing on foreign advanced technology and advanced design concepts, and combining with the actual requirements of our country. It has passed the technical appraisal of relevant departments and determined as High-tech technology products, and obtained three technological innovation patents.

            • Three patents for technological innovation
            • Lasting and stable operation of multiple items on site
            • Designing and manufacturing to meet customers’ needs

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            Service hotline: :+(86) 0315 3208332

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              Professional technical force
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              Years of manufacturing experience
              Advanced manufacturing technology and equipment

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              Customer first service concept
              Product excellent cost performance

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              Perfect after-sales service system
              Serve customers accurately

            about us

            Tangshan Environmental Protection Equipment(Machinery) Engineering Co., Ltd., whose predecessor was Tangshan Environmental Protection Equipment(Machinery) Engineering Company, was founded in 1978 and is one of the pioneering enterprises of domestic water treatment equipment. It has wholly-owned subsidiaries and holding companies: Tangshan Yiren Blower Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Hitobo Tangshan Blower Co., Ltd. Over the years, the company has always adhered to the development strategy of products and services to "wide fields range" and unit technology to "high-precision". The company has gradually expanded its products and services and formed three major sectors while being based on water treatment equipment production: Blower section, water treatment equipment section, coal preparation section.

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